Thursday, March 19, 2015

Making easy money wihout investment 2016 for free NEW legal Method - Downloading Android Apps!

Hello Guys :)

I found this awesome site to earn money and since i am not a leecher i am sharing it with you all. TRY IT AS LONG AS IT IS NOT PATCHED! CURRENT STATUS: WORKING!

First if you are not from the US the site will still work, however there are less offers. But don't worry! I will show you how to bypass this and earn the maximum points the fastest way from every country.

It is possible to earn 5$ in literally 5 Minutes. One app download is usually 30-90 Points and you need to earn 250 points to withdraw 5$ Paypal. You can repeat this by using a different paypal email or completing more offers. (you will have 15$+ until you run out of offers available, so 15$ / paypal email!)

1. First if you are NOT from the US you will have to download this free VPN app:
Then simply launch the app, dismiss all messages and click on Connect.

If you ARE from the US start here:
2. Visit this site on your mobile (only android/ios, windows phones will not work.) :

3. Its pretty straightforward from here... Select one offer (app download) and follow the instructions.
4. You have earned 250+ points? Click on the Menu (upper right corner) and select "withdraw"
5. Enter your paypal email, enjoy your free money.